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Make a Buzz - In the Press

Don't Be Alarmed if your Mailbox is Buzzing
Sarah Braunstein
New Voices: National Jewish Student Magazine

Jewish Women Watching Has Really Turned Things On

Jewish Women Watching (JWW), the anonymous feminist activist group that made headlines in 2002 for their widely distributed "Practice Safe Politics!" condom wrappers has really turned things up. Or perhaps we should say, turned things on.

Their latest action, "Make a Buzz," tries to inspire lawmakers and Jewish leaders to help dismantle federally funded abstinence-only sex ed programs. Their method? A user-ready vibrator and information card, sent straight to the mailboxes of lucky leaders as varied as Senators Clinton and Feinstein to Anti-Defammation League director Abe Foxman, along with most of the Steins, Blatts and Bergs who run Jewish organizations.

JWW wants Jews to hold themselves accountable for their complicity in reproductive health legislation. They ask "How can Jews be silent while the government imposes its Christian agenda on our bodies?" We at New Voices, ourselves lucky recipients of the JWW care package, hope the campaign leads to a change in reproductive health policy, or at least makes for some happy Jewish professionals and senators along the way.